About us
Ego Production is a team of professionals who have greatly succeeded in movie industry. The total box office of our films is made of more than $43,000,000.
Our Ego means that we love creating each of our unique projects from script
writing to the film premiere in cinemas, and enjoy the feeling of pride for what we have created.
Our mission is to enrich Russian cinema
with quality pictures and help the audience see what could be changed in
life in order to achieve the desired goal.

Since August 1st, 2019 we started working on creating a full-length feature film about the best skier of twentieth century, Yelena Vyalbe.
This picture combines a few different genres and sends an important message to a modern society which has had less and less true heroes.
We wish that our films not only entertain people with humor, but challenge them about the way they live today and the way to live in future.

Our team
Producer, screenwriter
Producer, director, screenwriter
Director, art director, screenwriter
Timur Khvan
Marat Kim
Nicolay Khomeriki
• Feature film The Best Movie
(Samy Luchshiy Film) - chief producer
• Feature film All Inclusive
(Vse Vklyucheno) - screenwriter, producer
• Feature film Very Russian Detective
(Ochen Russkiy Detektiv) - screenwriter, producer
•Feature film Women on the Edge
(Zhenschiny na Grani) - screenwriter, producer
• TV series Eight Beads on a Fine Thread
(Vosem Busin na Tonkoj Nitochke) - screenwriter
• TV series Kamenskaya 6
- screenwriter, director
• TV series Star Born
(Rozhdyonnaya Zvezdoy) - director
• TV series Undiscovered Talent 2, 3
(Neraskrytiy Talant) - director
• Feature film 977 - screenwriter, director
• Feature film Tale in the Darkness
(Skazka Pro Temnotu) - screenwriter, director
• Feature film Heart's Boomerang
(Serdtsa Bumerang) - screenwriter, director
• Feature film Life Long Night
(Noch Dlinnoyu v Zhizn) - director
• TV series The Dragon Syndrome
(Sindrom Drakona) - director
• TV series Secrets of the city of En
(Tajny Goroda En) -director
• Feature film The Icebreaker
(Ledokol) - director
• Feature film Selfi - director
• Feature film The Ninth
(Devyataya) - director
Andrey Kureychik
Alexander Guryanov
Tatyana Guryanova
• Feature film Lovey-Dovey
(Lyubov-Morkov) - screenwriter
• Feature film Lovey-Dovey 2
(Lyubov-Morkov 2) - screenwriter
• Feature film Six Degrees of Celebration
(Yolki) - screenwriter
• Feature film Three Seconds
(Dvizhenie Vverkh) - screenwriter
• Feature film Pari - screenwriter
• TV series Network (Set) - screenwriter
• TV series Law (Zakon) - screenwriter
• Feature film Pari - screenwriter
• TV series Network (Set) - screenwriter
• TV series Law (Zakon) - screenwriter
Production designer
Costume designer
Sergei Gudilin
Fedor Lyass
Lyudmila Gaintseva
• Feature film The Geographer Drank His Globe Away
(Geograf globus propil) - production designer
• Feature film Terra Nova (Novaya zemlya)
- art director
• Feature film In the Port of Cape Town…
(V Keyptaunskom portu…)
- production designer

• Feature film Coach (Trener)
- director of photography
• Feature film Icebreaker (Ledokol)
- director of photography
• Feature film Dukhless (Soulless)
- director of photography
• Feature film Motherland (Rodina)
- director of photography
• TV series The Thaw (Ottepel)
- director of photography

• Feature film Chagall-Malevich
- costume designer
• Feature film The Geographer Drank His Globe Away (Geograf globus propil)
- costume designer
• Feature film Piranha (Okhota na Piranyu)
- costume designer
• Feature filmOnce Upon a Time There Lived a Simple Woman (Zhila-byla odna baba)
– costume designer
• Feature film Where is the Nophelet?
(Gde nahoditsya nofelet?) - costume designer
Executive producer
Assistant director
Visual effects supervisor
Ulyana Savelyeva
Felix Krol
Ilya Toporov
• Feature film Battle for Sevastopol
(Bitva za Sevastopol) - executive producer
• Feature film Playing the Victim
(Izobrazhaya zhertvu) - executive producer
• Feature film A Rough Draft
(Chernovik) - executive producer
• Feature film My Father Is Baryshnikov
(Moy papa Baryshnikov) - executive producer

• Feature film Admiral – assistant director
• Feature film The Bronze Horseman (Mednyi Vsadnik) – assistant director
• TV series Rostov – assistant director
• TV series Peter the Great (USA) – assistant director

• Feature film Fortress of War (Brestskaya Krepost)
– CG supervisor
• Feature film Legend No. 17 (Legenda № 17)
– CG supervisor
• Feature film Six Degrees of Celebration 1914 (Yolki 1914) – CG supervisor
• Feature film The Spacewalker ( Vremya Pervykh)
– CG supervisor
• Feature film Three Seconds (Dvizheniye vverkh)
– CG supervisor
• Feature film A Rough Draft (Chernovik)
– CG supervisor
• Feature film Coach (Trener) – CG supervisor

Casting director
Yekaterina Dyukova
Igor Vdovin
Alexander Pak
Pavel Loginov
Music producer
• Feature film Salyut-7
- casting director
• Feature film Lovey-Dovey 3
(Lyubov-morkov 3) - casting director
• Feature film Indigo - casting director
• Feature film The Skythian
(Skif) - casting director

+7 (495) 90 92 940
Russia, Moscow, Bolshaya pochtovaya street, 26B, building 1, office 10